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The Five Best Tips For DIY House Painting

Best Tips For DIY House Painting

The five secret to painting

Owning a home is the dream of every Australian citizen. However, owning a house is one thing, painting it meticulously is another tricky task. Perhaps that is why most homeowners prefer to hire professional house painters especially if the house to be painted is based on a fully-fledged architectural design. Though this is a step in the right direction, there are various tips for Do-It-Yourself house painting that give a house the up-to-the-minute look that draws people to it like moths to flames. Here is a brief insight on the best of these tips.

Prepare the house adequately for the painting task.

Preparing the house for painting is perhaps the most important DIY house-painting task. It depends on the décor of the house, its plan and nature of its surfaces. Preparation involves performing a variety of tasks. Here are a few of them

  • If there are holes on the surface, fill them with Spackle.
  • Remove any peelings or cracked paint spots and sand-smooth the surface.
  • Clean the walls to be painted, whether on the exterior or on the interior.
  • Fill any gaps within the walls with the most appropriate material.
  • Prime where necessary. Tinting the primer is the icing on the cake, as it leads to a professional look. The primer blocks stains, covers the topcoat and improves adhesion.

Get all the painting tools you need.

Typically, a house painter requires spackle, fine grit sandpaper, a damp lint-free rag, printable caulk, wood putty and putty knife. You also need an opener for the paint can, a bowl, roller, roller cover, tray and extension as well as paint grid, paint tape and a drop cloth. When it comes to drop cloths, canvas drop cloths are better than the plastic ones, since they are durable, rip resistant, good paint drip absorber and can easily be folded around doors and corners. It is advisable to acquire the multi-purpose tools to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Choose the right paint brand

You need to be careful when shopping for paint since purchasing scam paint will lead to a “square peg in a round hole” situation. Oil-based or latex-based paint can be chosen depending on the décor of the house. Choosing a low-Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) paint adds color to the already good package. Additionally, you should chose the paint according to whether you prefer slightly muted colors to pure or primary colors and vice-versa. It is also important to choose the right paint depending on where it will be applied. For exterior painting for instance, conspicuous colors will do. Internally, each room of a house should be painted differently, for instance:

  • The living room is characterized by vivid colors that match with the color of the furniture and flooring in the room.
  • Monochrome color pellets are suitable for the bedroom, though the color may vary depending on the owner of the bedroom.
  • Precisely, pink or purple colors dominate teenage girl’s bedrooms but for teenage boy’s bedrooms, a more free-spirited approach can be adopted, since the bedroom is just a place to unwind and forget the craziness of this world.
  • Tangerine and other similar colors are good for the kitchen.

Proper records of the paint used in each room should be kept for future reference.

Great Painting Tips

Follow all the proper painting steps religiously.

It is important for the painting tasks to occur in apple pie order. Pour the paint in a small bowl if you are using a brush or a roller tray if you are going to use a roller. Where necessary, apply the painter’s tape in short overlapping strips, ensuring that you from crisp lines. Roll with a telescoping extension pole instead of a ladder. Moreover, make sure that you print from dry to wet, and do not stretch the paint. You also need to paint in long and continuous strokes, and consider putting a second coat to accentuate the beauty of the painting task.

Emphasize on cleanliness.

We have already noted that cleaning the surface to be painted helps in making sure that the paint completely sticks to the surface. Indeed, cleanliness is second to godliness. You also need to use a new roller for each paint task, and remove the tape when the paint dries. Use a damp cloth to wipe out wet paint drips around the working area. Furthermore, if you are using one brush, you may need to stop and wash it with a little soap occasionally.

In a nutshell, do-it-yourself is the way to give your house an irresistible first impression without breaking the bank, remembering that there is never another chance to give a good first impression. Though professional painters do a great job, there is a very thin line between the quality of their work and that of a do-it-yourself painting task, as long as the afore-mentioned five best tips for DIY house painting are adhered to.



A Valuable Guide to Having Ceiling Exhaust Fans in Your Home

ID-10065533Ceiling exhaust fans are great appliances that can really help you control the air in your home. The most important function of these appliances is that molds and mildews that build up in the crevices of your bathrooms, kitchens, or bedrooms are prevented. Most homes are build air tight because of the weather, but if exhaust fans are installed, air circulations within such homes would be effective. Here is a valuable guide to having these devices in your home.

Importance of Mounting Ceiling Exhaust Fans in the Home

You should ensure that you have mounted on the ceilings of your bathrooms, kitchens, or bedrooms exhaust fans to allow fresh air circulations and eliminate stale air inside your home. There are lots of health benefits you will gain through this. Without any doubt, when you continuously inhale stale air in your home, then you could be exposing yourself to the risks of asthma, respiratory infections, and other kinds of diseases. So, you really need ceiling exhaust fans to keep your homes a safe place to live in.

Types of Ceiling Exhaust Fans You May Want To Go For

Ceiling exhaust fans are mounted on ceilings and they have pipe or ducts that take out the stale air out the building. There are many types you will find on sale. Some could even be integrated with lights. The quality of the appliance you choose depends on the amount of air you want to move out of your rooms, or the cubic feet per minutes (CFM). Others features still apply to the products you will find. However, the best fans are those than can move more airs faster from your home.

Installation or mounting tips for ceiling exhaust fans

You can install ceiling exhaust fans on your own or you can call in professionals to do so for you. Hence, you really do not have problem regarding installation of or mounting of the appliance when you are going a new one or replacing an inefficient product. Most of the fans you buy comes with installation tools like wire stripper, screwdrivers, exhaust duct kit, jab saw, electrical tester, wire nuts, etc you can use for your installations. You can follow the manufacturer’s manual to guide you if you intend to for a do-it-yourself installation.

So, you have lots of advantages to enjoy when you mount a ceiling exhaust fan in your home today. There are brands of products you might want to select from and the Internet offers you various options. some of the popular products you may want to access include: Air king bath Exhaust fans, decorative Exhaust fans with light, and the Deluxe quiet exhaust fans etc all from R.E. Williams Contractor INC website. Make your choice today.

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